New Ride & Race Reports

triple bypass 2011
We are about to add a new section to the site. We’re calling it “Ride & Race Reports” and we need your help. Each year, Colorado is host to hundreds of cycling events like charity rides, stage races and challenging centuries. Many cups of coffee and pitchers of beer have been emptied over the great stories of members sharing their experiences at these events. We want to bring these stories online and share some great info about specific events, rides and races.

At rides and club gatherings we often get asked the following questions:

  • Was the ride fun? Scenic? Hard?
  • How well was the event organized?
  • How was the food and what did they stock at the aid stations?
  • Was it a good ride for beginners?
  • Will you do it again next year?
  • Was the entry fee worth it?
  • Is it for a good cause?

Our goal is for website visitors to have a resource of collected thoughts and impressions of cycling events across Colorado and even out of state/country events. A longer term goal is to provide a fairly comprehensive list of rides and races in Colorado at the beginning of the season and allow you all to interact with each other to see who is thinking about signing up for the event and possibly find training partners.

Submit Your Report

As I mentioned, we need your stories and your experiences. Here’s how to submit them for inclusion.

  1. Create an account and sign in.
  2. Go to “Posts”, then “Add New”
  3. Write your story. Include photos, your time, pros & cons and anything else you want to include. See editorial guidelines below.
  4. Submit for approval.
  5. One of our editors will review your submission and post it on the blog.  Just remember we’re all volunteers here so it may take a 5-8 days before you see your report posted. 

Editorial Guidelines

All Ride & Race Reports must be at least 200 words long and not to exceed 3000 words. An ideal length is about 500-600 words. Reports are limited to organized/supported rides (sorry, we won’t be publishing your epic weekend ride with couple of  friends just yet).  Only reports written by a cyclist participating in the event may be submitted; please do not submit a story about a friend who rode or include stories about an event you heard about. This is a family site, please no profanity, vulgar language, bigoted remarks and stuff like that.

It’s ok to make constructive criticisms and it is ok to write a negative review of an event.  Overtly negative reviews will require the author to confirm the intention of tone and we may contact the event organizer to allow them to respond to your story before we publish it. Reviews with personal attacks of fellow cyclists, event organizers, event sponsors or volunteers will be rejected and the author will be asked to edit before re-submitting. On the flip side, please no shameless marketing. Race & Ride organizers are allowed to submit reports under the following conditions: 1) You identify yourself as an organizer and 2) You actually rode in your own event.

Unless specifically asked to be excluded, content of your Ride Report may be used elsewhere on the site, in the club newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or other 3rd party sites. We will not share or sell any of your contact info though. That’s just rude. These guidelines are subject to change and the editors reserve the right to request changes and reject reports at their discretion. This just means there may be some questionable content that we can’t think of at the moment.