Changes to the Tuesday Night Rides

no drop rides in boulder
For the 2014 cycling season and beyond, we’ve altered the format of our Tuesday night rides slightly. This season, we’re introducing the “no-drop 2.0” policy. We’ll still leave from Boulder Beer at 5:30, but we’ll have a pre-assigned sweep on every ride, as well as a number of Ride Ambassadors. Each route will have a number of designated spots where we will do a modified regroup. This modified regroup is designed to be flexible and break us into smaller groups of similar abilities and goals. Those that really don’t want to stop for a minute or two and don’t mind possibly getting dropped themselves will have a separate “no-stop” ride option.

The “no stop” group will depart first. This is for those who prefer to ride at a 20 mph pace and don’t mind if they get dropped. It’s not a race, but they typically won’t stop at any of the designated regroup spots. We don’t recommend this option if you are new to the club or not familiar with the route.

The rest of us will be using a modified no-drop format on the same route with an optional shortcut. Each route will have a number of designated regroup spots where we’ll stop and regroup. This is a modified no drop format so the first handful of riders to get to a regroup spot only need to wait for a second ride ambassador. The sweep will be the last person at all of the regroup spots and riders do not need to wait until the sweep gets there. This will naturally break us up into a few smaller groups of similar levels.

Ride Ambassadors

If you have any questions or problems on the ride, these folks are here to help. They are volunteers and will be spread throughout the group during the ride. Ride Ambassadors will be wearing orange armbands so you know who they are. If you volunteer to be a ride ambassador, you’ll be asked to act as the sweep on several rides during the season. Additionally, you’ll be expected to:

  • Know the route and initiate the stop at the designated regroup spots.
  • Wait at the regroup spots until at least one other ambassador arrives. Learn the names of anyone you don’t know.
  • You may need to wait behind at a regroup spot to help make sure no one gets dropped.
  • Between regroup spots, use your best judgement to slow the group down a little to allow someone to catch back up and recover. Better to slow the group down by 5-10% now than let that person bonk and have the group slow down by 20% for the rest of the ride.
  • If one or more in your group doesn’t make a light, stop in a place where they can see you.


The sweep is the head Ambassador for the ride. If you volunteer as a Ride Ambassador, we need you to be a sweep for at least 2 rides during the season. Your responsibilities are:

  • Be the “in charge” representative of the club.
  • Give the parking lot speech (a script is provided).
  • Ensure everyone on the ride has signed a waiver.
  • Act as final sweep. You will be the last to depart and the last person back in.
  • Email all non-members on the sign in sheet thanking them for joining us and encouraging them to join (a script is provided).

If you’re interested in volunteering to be a Ride Ambassador for the 2014 season, you can either fill out the volunteer form or talk to Nick Clabbers. There will be a training for Ride Ambassadors early in the season.

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