Want to ride in an event, help someone less fortunate and get a cool jersey?!

Team ACT is a new cycling team, created by Bob Matter, Executive Director of Assisted Cycling Tours, that uses cycling as a means to promote self confidence and physical well-being for individuals living with disabilities.

This special group is offering the Boulder Cycling Club the opportunity for additional challenge and reward in several Colorado cycling events.  Team ACT has spaces in Road to Victory, Ride the Rockies and MS 150.

  • ADVANCED CYCLISTS – Become more involved with the mission of Assisted Cycling Tours.  Help make it possible for an individual with a disability to feel the cycling experience – ride tandem for an event.  Or, ride separately and do some fundraising for the organization and help raise awareness.
  • INDIVIDUALS LIVING WITH A DISABILITY – Do you know someone who has a disability and would like to ride?   This can be any disability including, blindness, Parkinson’s, MS, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, you name it!

To learn more about partnering with or joining Team ACT,
contact Bob Matter directly at 303.945.6205 or bob@assistedcyclingtours.org

visit their website:  http://www.assistedcyclingtours.org/