The BCC Advocacy Committe has urged Boulder County to undertake a motorist/cyclist road safety education program aimed at the rural areas where we ride.  We participated in the Canyons Working Group sponsored by the Boulder County Department of Transportation (BCDT) and the Sheriff’s Department.  We persistently advocated for a road safety education outreach in addition to  infrastructure improvements.  Our efforts have met with initial success with the County committing to important cycling infrastructure changes in the Canyons and to develop a roadway safety education campaign.

As of April 2010, BCDT and others have implemented the following activities, which are completed, pending or upcoming:

  • Regular maintenance throughout canyon twice a week
  • Sweeper to clean shoulders at beginning of season
  • Construction of shoulders on Lee Hill Dr.
  • Construction of waiting areas/pull-outs for cyclists
  • Continued discussion on the placement of a Porta Potty
  • Sign design directed at both cyclist and motorist behaviors

The County, in coordination with the Education & Outreach sub-group and Thomas Dooley Advertising, has developed a signage strategy that promotes ideal behaviors from both motorists and cyclists.  The signs are still in development

These efforts are aimed at the Canyon areas of the County, and  there is much still to be done on County-wide infrastructure and safety education.  For more information see Canyons Working Group.