To date, Boulder County Transportation and others have implemented the following activities, which are completed, pending or upcoming:

  • Regular maintenance throughout canyon twice a week
  • Sweeper to clean shoulders at beginning of season
  • Shoulders on Lee Hill Dr.
  • Waiting areas/pull-outs for cyclists
  • Continued discussion on the placement of a Port-a-Pottie
  • Discussions in local processes (Ward and Jamestown)
  • Sign design directed at both cyclist and motorist behaviors

The County, in coordination with the Education & Outreach sub-group and Thomas Dooley Advertising, has developed a signage strategy that promotes ideal behaviors from both motorists and cyclists.  The signs are still in development and are quite European in their aesthetics.  When introduced to the sub-group, there was excitement about the direction of the signage.  The County and the sub-group determined that there are various ways in which what we are calling the Road Code can be marketed to the Boulder County community.  The idea is that the Road Code will be printed on or included in a variety of ways to educate motorists and cyclists as to the desired behaviors of all users and that they start to recognize the signs as the Road Code.  Ultimately, the goal is to have the new signage be “cool” for cyclists and motorists to follow.  The following captures the distribution ideas already introduced:

  • Spoke cards with sign designs on back
  • Water bottles
  • Viral videos
  • Discount cards for local coffee shop/restaurant with Road Code printed on back
  • Boulder County Website page
  • Small brochure
  • Collector-item pint glasses (Walnut Brewery) Coll
  • PSA
  • Coasters
  • Information booths at farmer’s market and/or festivals
  • Use of cycling ambassadors

The Canyons Working Group would appreciate your input on additional distribution ideas, ideas from the list that you think would work and any suggestions for how to move forward on the ideas.

A summary of the survey was also published.  The results were used in developing the specific signs that were most important, as identified in our process and by the survey.

–Provided by the Canyons Working Group