Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists asked to “Share the Road”

The city of Boulder reminds motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to “Share the Road” and remember some simple safety rules.Some important rules to know include:

· Motorists must yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in crosswalks and at driveways.

· Pedestrians have the right-of-way over bicyclists.

· Bicyclists should ride single file, in the right-hand lane, with traffic and follow the same rules as cars.

· Motorists passing bicyclists must maintain three feet of safe clearance from the bicyclist.

· Before opening your car door, look for approaching bicyclists.

· Always make eye contact with other roadway users. Remember: when in doubt, wait.

· Pedestrians should cross the street within the crosswalk and enter on the walk signal.

“If everyone is aware of the rules of the road and remembers that we are sharing the road not with other vehicles, but with other people, we can all share our roads more safely,” said GO Boulder/city of Boulder Bicycle Pedestrian Planner Marni Ratzel.  Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner agreed. “It is imperative that bicyclists and drivers follow traffic laws and be aware of other vehicles around them at all times,” said Beckner. “Having the right-of-way does not protect a bicyclist from serious injury when a collision occurs. Both bicyclists and drivers need to be respectful of others using our roadways.”

For maps and more information on how to “Share the Roads,” as well as details about your rights and responsibilities as a motorist, bicyclist and pedestrian, visit