See the Colorado Bike Ped Manual of the Colorado Department of Transportation for state statutes that govern bicycling and the official rules of the road and trail for bicycling and walking in Colorado.

Bicyclists are subject to all traffic laws applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle (except a few special regulations for bicycles and provisions for motor vehicles which by their nature can have no application).

  • Ride on the right hand side of the road with the flow of traffic
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals

Special laws pertaining to bicyclists and their equipment.

  • No hitching rides on moving vehicles
  • Form a single line in heavy traffic
  • At least one hand is on handlebars at all times
  • Bicycles operated at night must be equipped with a lamp on front that produces a white beam of light visible at least 500 feet away. Also, the bike must have a red rear deflector
  • No bicycles are allowed on freeways
  • Adequate brakes are required