Have Fun

This is cycling, so HAVE FUN!   There is something about riding a bike that brings a smile to one’s face, and it’s always more fun to ride in a group. If you follow our guidelines and make an effort to socialize a little with other riders, we can just about guarantee a great experience.

Group Rides

For insurance reasons, only first time guests and members can go on Club rides.  If you choose to join Boulder Cycling Club for one of our rides, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines.

Arrive on time with your helmet, water bottle, spare tube, and properly inflated tires.  Rides depart at about 10 minutes after scheduled ride time. Please make sure your bike is in good mechanical order prior to arrival.

It’s a group ride, not an individual ride or a race.  You should participate with the group and adhere to our safety rules and group ride policies.  We encourage the group to stay together as much as possible.  If you like to ride by yourself, race at your own pace, have difficulty adhering to rules, or following a ride leader, then a BCC ride is not for you.

BCC rides feature a “no drop policy.”  We are a recreational riding and social club – not a race club.  We promote safe riding in a cooperative atmosphere to build camaraderie and have fun.  “No drop” means the Ride Leader serving as sweeper will stay behind all the other riders in the group.  It also means, the entire group will regroup periodically until everyone catches up.  No drop also means we will try to assist you (within reason) with any mechanical problems you encounter along the way–such as a flat tire.  However, you are expected to know how to fix tires yourself and to show up with a well maintained bike with fully inflated tires.

Safety and Courtesy

Please be courteous to your fellow riders and especially Ride Leaders since they are trained volunteers seeking to make the ride safer for you.  See Club Ride Leaders. The Ride Organizer reserves the right to ask anyone who is discourteous to other cyclists, pedestrians, or motorist to leave the ride.  Our safety depends on the good will of motorists.  Making them angry by blatantly defying traffic laws or being discourteous creates an unsafe riding environment for the entire cycling community.

We require compliance with all laws pertaining to cyclists including that they should ride as if they are a vehicle.  See Traffic Laws for Cyclists. All stops should be observed by clipping out at least one foot and touching it down.  We also require that you maintain a safe following distance of 1 mph for each 1 mph over 10 mph (3 feet at 13mph, 5 feet at 15 mph, 9 feet at 19 mph, etc).  A good rule of thumb is this equates to at least one bike length at 15 mph and two bike lengths at 20 mph.  This is the minimum we require, but it is not necessarily safe in all situations, and we encourage you to maintain even longer following distance to avoid pile-ups.  USA Triathlon, the governing body of most triathlons in the US, requires a 7 meter (23 feet) following distance.  Drafting is considered cheating in their triathlons because you are using others to make your effort easier.  That is not the goal on our rides; we are riding to burn calories for ourselves!

Follow Your Ride Leaders

Be prepared to adhere to the Ride Leaders route.  Stay behind the Ride Leader at all times.   Our Ride Leaders are volunteers.  They usually take the time to prepare the routes including riding them in advance and consulting maps.  If you think you have a better route, then we welcome you to propose a route to our Routes Committee.  In addition, we are always looking for new Ride Leaders!

Please bring a proper attitude.  If you decide to leave the ride for any reason, please inform a Ride Leader.  Violating BCC safe riding rules can result in revocation of your membership after one written warning.  We are a non-competitive, recreational, and social riding club.  In addition, we strive to make our rides as safe as possible.  Violation of our safety rules endangers not just your safety, but also the safety of others, so we are obligated to enforce them on behalf of our members.


Our events and post-ride social gatherings are excellent places to make friends and network professionally.  In the Silicon Valley, they are saying that cycling is the new golf!  We love to talk about cycling, but we also encourage members to initiate conversations that don’t revolve around cycling.  Please keep your conversations positive and light.  Members are expected to be courteous to other members and the Club’s volunteers.

Any ideas you have for the Club should be proposed to a Club officer or a member of the Safety/Advocacy Committee during business hours and not at a Club ride or event.  Club officers are all volunteers, and they want to have fun too.  Final decisions on Club policy are made by its board of directors.  Membership on the board is open to anyone who has shown an understanding of the mission of the Club and has demonstrated commitment to the mission by taking on significant volunteer responsibilities.