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  • Discounts on select event registration fees.
  • The BCC is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization and your membership dues support a great cause.
Join today and receive a 10% discount off this year’s membership dues when you sign up for automatic renewal (expires March 31, 2012).

The Boulder Cycling Club’s approach addresses two of the biggest issues that deter people from road biking:  1) safety concerns and 2) the exclusivity of elitist clubs.

Ten More Reasons to Join
1.    Make new friends.
2.    Find a partner for that big bicycle trip you’re planning.
3.    Meet people you can call for spur-of-the-moment rides.
4.    Improve your cycling skills.
5.    Learn more about road safety by becoming a Ride Leader.
6.    Stay current on all cycling topics by attending our educational events.
7.    Find out about great new road biking routes.
8.    Get updates on latest route closures and construction.
9.    Get news on pending legislation related to bicycling.
10.     Because you will ride farther, more frequently, and have more fun!

Who Joins Our Club and Why?

The main reasons people give for engaging in recreational road biking are fun, exercise, and socializing.  The number one reason people give for not road biking is fear of injury.  The BCC addresses all of these motivations and concerns by offering safe, fun, social group rides and advocating for improvements in the safety of our road biking environment.

Recreational road bikers represent a spectrum from those who see it as an occasional hobby to those who have a year-round passion for it.  The BCC can accommodate both kinds of cyclists.  For those who have a passion for it, a club like ours offers ways to stay involved year round and when not on the bike. Those who see it as a hobby may be attracted to our organized social and educational functions where they share information and fun with fellow enthusiasts and develop cycling friends.

For those more passionate about cycling, serving as a volunteer or volunteer leader offers opportunities to get more involved in ride leadership, route planning, safety education, cycling advocacy, and event planning.  These activities enrich the experience of less involved members by providing useful safety, equipment, route, and cycling skills information as well as interesting cycling-related topics of conversation for rides and events.   The core volunteer leadership team is uniquely engaged year-round in sharing the joy of road biking with fellow riders — some who have been riding for years, others who have just rediscovered this incredible activity. Our rides and events create a remarkable sense of community and encourage people to discover their own community in a whole different way.


The BCC develops cycling safety education programs for our members and the community. We have a training program and 30-page guide for Ride Leaders based on one of the best programs in the country. We have fifteen trained ride leaders and additional trainings are offered periodically.  BCC Ride Leaders use gentle safety reminders, assist with repairs, and help our groups avoid dangerous situations on the road. We have educational events several times per year.  Ride Leaders do not need to be expert cyclists, and new ride leaders start out in support roles without responsibility for the entire ride.  We encourage all BCC ride leaders to take road safety and cycling skills training from a Certified Instructor from the League of American Bicyclists. Please contact the Club if you are a member and would like to serve as a Ride Leader.

We observe all traffic laws, including coming to a full stop at stop signs.  After all, we are a social riding club, and stops are a chance to chat a little in route!  Because of increasing concern in the cycling community about injuries resulting from bike-on-bike accidents, we require minimum following distances to prevent pile-ups.  Our Ride Organizers continually provide more safety education in each pre-ride announcement.  We have been guided by Cascade Bicycle Club of Seattle and Bicycle Colorado in developing safety policies.

No Cycling Elitism Here

Our members are welcoming and not elitist.  We want riders of all levels to feel welcome, so this year we are offering A and B routes on scheduled rides.  Both routes start and finish at roughly the same time.  The B route is shorter and the average speed is less than on the A ride.  We also welcome experienced riders who want to take a break from hammering and have some fun.

We  welcome and support women. We offer a women’s only ride on Tuesday nights. See our ride calendar for more details. Susan Weaver’s book A Woman’s Guide to Cycling argues that the greatest deterrent for women interested in cycling is the male-dominance of the sport.  She asks the rhetorical question, “How should women react when male riders ignore them during club rides?”  That won’t be a problem on a no-drop BCC ride with a trained Ride Support Team!

Contact Us

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