[BCC-Ride More] Saturday Rides

Jerrod Hohman jwhohman1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 08:06:45 PDT 2021

Hey Weekend Riders,

I wanted to throw out a couple of suggestions for our ride this Saturday 
morning.  We'll be leaving at 8:00 from Sanitas Brewing and returning at 
about noon to enjoy a beer and tacos to kick off the Labor Day weekend.

We had talked last week about a big out and back ride up Coal Creek 
Canyon to Wondervu.  I checked on the road construction and it is 
finished so there are no road restrictions all the way up to Wondervu.  
Depending on our route out, that ride is 55-60 miles (round trip) with 
4,000 - 4,400 feet of climbing.  We can stop at the cafe in Wondervu 
before turning around and going back down the canyon and returning to 
Boulder.  Fair warning:  Hwy 72 gets narrow and fairly steep for the 
last few miles of the approach into Wondervu.

Another option is to keep the ride local for a more laid-back start to 
the holiday weekend.  We can head up to Lyons and ride Blue Mountain 
and/or Rabbit Mountain as we loop back towards Boulder.  If anyone is on 
a time constraint, that's a much easier route to peel off and head out 
when needed.

Two very different suggestions, I know.  Final decision will be up to 
the group that shows up on Saturday, but let me know if there are any 
preferences or other ideas.  Also, please let me know if there is anyone 
interested in a shorter ride starting at 9 am.

Thanks and have a good weekend.


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