[BCC-Ride More] Sanitas 8th anniversary

Mark Smither smither.mark at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 12:47:06 PDT 2021

Where is the group meeting tomorrow for the Buff Classic? I am not riding
it but a person who is a member and has not ridden with the group is asking.


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> Hey Gang,
> I  know this is not strictly ride information but….many of us are doing
> Sunday buffalo classic ride and skipping our usual Saturday ride from
> Sanitas Brewing (they missed us last time we skipped them for the BSTRong
> ride). So what better way to relax and “carbo load “ for Sunday  while
> supporting our BCC sponsor Sanitas on their 8th anniversary party
> Saturday,  they have music tool!   Check out www.sanitasbrewing.com for
> more detail.
>  BCC motto:   Bike, Beer, Bike. REPEAT
> Just add a water between beers to hydrate for Sunday. LOL!
> ;-)
> Patrick
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