(Please check the Calendar for current rides and times! )


Tuesday Night Rides

Wheels out Tuesday evenings at 5:30 from Twisted Pine Brewery. This is our most popular ride! Riders of all types show up for this ride and we break into smaller groups. The Ride Ambassador for each night will make announcements and serve as sweep and also appoint ride leaders for each of the smaller groups. Typically, two to three distances are offered each night and only the last group is a NO DROP group. Stay after the ride to join us on Twisted Pine’s newly renovated back area for beer, pizza and other refreshments with 10% off your total tab!   Be sure to thank Twisted Pine and your servers for their sponsorship of our Club and remember to tip them based on the pre-discount cost of your order.

Thursday Night Rides

We are expanding our partnership with Full Cycle Colorado Multi-Sport this year by adding regular weekly rides on Thursdays from their shop!  Wheels out at 5:30 PM for both road rides and gravel rides!  Stay tuned as we fill out the routes and rides in the coming weeks.  When we return from our rides, enjoy a brew and food options from Full Cycle’s bar and grill.  If you are new to gravel riding, Full Cycle can rent you a ride at a special discount to let you give it a try!

Saturday Rides

Wheels out at 9:30 from Sanitas Brewery.  As a rule, our Saturday rides are intended to improve your endurance and skills and prepare you for cycling events you may have signed up for. We will be increasing both distance and climbing throughout the summer. We will also be moving up the start times as the weather gets warmer and the miles get longer. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for specific ride times and details. We will try to plan all rides to return to Sanitas at or about noon each week

Join us for the ride and then afterwards on the outdoor patio tables for great beer and fantastic tacos from our friends at Sanitas Brewing and McDevitt Taco Supply. BCC Members get discounts on both!

SHORT ROUTE RIDERS: COME EARLY AT 9 AM & BCC WILL TREAT YOU TO A CUP OF GREAT COFFEE FROM BONA COFFEE ROASTERS!  Bona Coffee Roasters opens at 9 a.m. and is kindly offering Boulder Cycling Club members 10% off their purchase this cycling season. Grab a great cup of joe and a treat beforehand to fuel your ride! This also means the restrooms are open beginning at 9 am. Be sure to thank them for supporting Boulder Cycling Club.

Sunday Morning Rides

Discover new routes and new friends in a social setting with the Sunday Café Ride sponsored by Mod Boulder. Departing each Sunday at 9 am from Foothills Community Park, this fun, relaxed ride puts community over competition, and there’s free post-ride coffee to boot!  More detailed info at ModBoulder.com/cafe-ride

What Kind of Rider Are You?

Not sure which sub-group you should stick with on the Tuesday night rides?
Avid/Advanced Cyclists
Expect an intense workout and a fast 18 – 20 mph average pace; must be comfortable and even necessary to be in pace lines; routes oftentimes involve big climbs (Olde Stage, The Wall, NCAR, etc); Little to no stopping.

Experienced riders looking for an alternative to riding alone; 16 – 18 mph average pace; sharpen skills and build endurance over the season; routes are the same or shortened versions of Avid Cyclists’ routes; possibly re-group once or twice during the ride.

Cool Riders
Typically 13-15 mile pace; enjoy biking, but like the scenery and companionship more; routes will be 15 – 20 miles in length and will usually involve bike paths and/or less-traveled, wide shoulder roads; typically these are no-drop rides.

Regular Routes

Here are a number of our typical evening rides. Check the ride calendar for the full schedule.

Lookout Loop + 3 Sisters:
Heads Northeast of town to Lookout Rd then loops back on Niwot Rd. Three short consecutive climbs complete the loop. The long version takes Lookout Rd all the way out to County Line Rd.
Short version – 23 miles (all miles are approximate and round trip)
Long version – 35 miles

Eldorado Springs + NCAR (optional):
Follows the bike paths out to Cherryvale Rd. We take Marshall Rd then into Eldorado Canyon. Turn around at the post office in Eldorado Springs and either head back the way you came or continue on to climb up to NCAR and make your way back via bike paths.
Eldorado Canyon only – 22 miles
+ NCAR – 25 miles

Community Park + The Wall (optional):
Gets to Marshall Rd the same way as Eldo Springs, but we go left into Superior to Community Park. Turn back and retrace from here or head south on McCaslin and climb The Wall.
Community Park only – 22 miles
+ The Wall – 29 miles

36/63 Loops:
These loops take advantage of 2 of the main north/south corridors north of Boulder. Head out US 36 to either Niwot/Neva, Nelson, St. Vrain, or Hygiene roads. Turn east and make your way back along the 63rd st corridor. 75th St is an alternate and slightly longer route. All routes can be done in reverse for a change of pace.
Neva/Niwot Loop – 19 miles
Nelson Loop – 27.5 miles
St. Vrain Loop – 28 miles

Old Stage:
This loop incorporates a climb up Old Stage Rd and the lower half of Left Hand Canyon. Multiple variations exist including reverse, out and back, and Nelson + 63rd.
Base loop – 20 miles
Return via Niwot – 25 miles
Return via Nelson – 27 miles

All BCC routes are designed to be as safe as possible. We try to choose the safest routes depending on traffic and road conditions and availability of bike routes, paths, or shoulders. In addition, the Club seeks to stay abreast of road hazards and construction reported by local transportation agencies to avoid these situations. However, cycling has inherent risks even on the safest routes, so the Club does not guarantee safety on its routes.

All BCC rides are “no drop” assuming you can maintain the minimum pace based on the average speed you can sustain on the flats for five miles. It is 18 mph for the A group and 14 mph for the B group. See “Club Ride Polices” for more info on this. If you are unable to maintain the minimum pace in your group, the Ride Organizer has the right to inform you that we cannot wait up for you. This rarely happens, but if it does, the Ride Organizer will insure that you know a safe route back. If you don’t meet the minimum requirement for the B Group, the Club will assign you a cycling mentor to help you get up to speed outside of group rides.

Starting times vary according to the time of year. Unless otherwise noted, all of our rides are intermediate level rides. However, for those who want a slower more relaxed pace, a “B” ride group will follow a similar route at a slower pace and for a shorter distance. Please make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition–including properly inflated tires. Remember to bring your helmet, spare tube, and water bottle.