Ride Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities

Before Departure

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before departure time
  • As people arrive, make an effort to greet each person individually
    • have everyone sign in on the check-in form.
    • ask guests to provide email address. welcome them but make sure they know they must join before they ride with the club again.
    • introduce guests to a regular. Point out a commonality if you know of one.
    • politely and diplomatically inform 2nd time guests that they can meet us back here after the ride, but insurance won’t allow them to ride with the rest of the group.
  • No helmet, no ride, no exceptions.
  • Ask for someone to act as final sweep. Make sure someone in Group A knows the route.

Ride Briefing

  • At ride departure time: Introduce yourself, thank guests for checking us out
  • Explain route (major turns and roads, total mileage)
    • Explain shorter option
  • Group A keeps a 16-18 mph average pace and doesn’t stop to wait.
  • If you get dropped by Group A, you can hang out at the next major intersection and re-group with the next cluster of riders.
  • Sweep will ride with Group B or anyone choosing a slower pace.
  • Give safety speech

Safety Speech

  • Foot down at stop signs and red lights. Follow rules of the road.
  • Be predictable! Signal and communicate with each other and other users of the roads and bike paths
    • Be courteous
    • (Give examples of hand signals)
  • Keep it under 15 mph on the bike paths. Use the bike paths as warm up/cool down.
    • You are welcome to go all out once we get onto the road.This also gives people a chance to get up near the front if they want to ride with the A group.
  • Single file in bike lanes (two abreast is okay on road if not impeding traffic)
  • If we end up with in a paceline
    • Not a race
    • take short pulls up front (0.5- 1 mile) then signal the rider behind you
    • keep right and let the line pass you on your left
    • new leader needs to maintain the same pace, don’t race off
    • Keep a full wheel or more back from the rider behind you
    • Don’t “attack” and jump out from the middle of the line and race to the front
    • No pacelines on bike paths

After the Ride

  • Thank riders, especially guests, and ask if they had a good time.
  • Make sure everyone knows they are welcome to stay and hang out even if they choose to not buy anything.
  • You do not need to stay after the ride.
  • Within 48 hours of the ride, please email all guests using the following template: