St. Vrain Trail Mtn. Bike Ride

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The Club met at the “Merc” (the Mercantile Rest) in Jamestown on Sat. morning 7/22/07 for breakfast and to plot out the ride. We had originally thought about the Jamestown Loop but the owner of the Merc a local expert suggested that the difficulty was way beyond our obvious ablities thus we decided to try the St Vrain Trail. The trail head can be found app 5 miles past Jamestown up the infamous “Super Jamestown” hill. The trail itself starts off pretty easy although remember you are at about 8,000 + altitude. We were lucky in that the trees were changing color and there is a great mix of pine and aspen with lots of yellow. The first mile or so is pretty easy but then you start going up small hills with steep drop offs and rather bumpy, rocky, rooty singletrack. After a mile or so of that then it really gets rough. Jim estimated that we spent at least 50% of our time off the bike. Pushing up some of these steep hills I realized we were in for a real workout! Eventually we made it to the top-Slick Rock. It was esp. colorfully at the top of the hill. At this point the guide book states that the down hill section here will be great to tear down— yeah if your crazy. I think we walked the bikes down the majority of the way. Working our way back through the hilly area we made it back to the trail head in about 3 hours total. In my opinion it was a good ride to experience but next time I’ll go back with my hiking boots!


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