Introduction to Pacelines in Group Rides

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Etiquette, rules, and safety can vary from group to group. Let’s start off by saying that if you don’t know how a particular group does things, it is really your responsibility to ask before the ride gets underway. The following are some guidelines for pacelines with the Boulder Cycling Club, but should work for most other group rides.

If you have never been on a group ride in Boulder, please first read about Your First Group Ride. It is totally ok if you’ve never ridden in a group or a paceline before. Boulder Cycling Club is open to all riders of all abilities and not all of our members like to ride in a paceline. We’d love to show you the ropes and teach you some good habits and skills to help you become a better cyclist.

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NOTES FROM THE PREZ: Preseason Kickoff Party Big Success!!! The 5th Annual Boulder Cycling Club’s Preseason Kickoff Party was a big success! We want to thank all our sponsors and especially Boulder Beer for hosting the party and Bicycle Village … Continued