Buff Classic, Weekday Rides, Advocacy

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As the weather turns cooler and the day length grows shorter it must mean it’s time for the Buffalo Bicycle Classic. This is one of the last organized charity rides of the year and many of our club members will be riding in it. Just a note there is a group that is leaving early (meet at 6:15 am and leave approximately 6:30 am— meet at the entrance area). For more information email donald@bouldercyclingclub.com. We will have a booth at the ride so if your there make sure you stop in and say hi!
Weekday rides continue throughout September leaving at 5:30 pm and the Bicycle Village sponsored Saturday morning ride will continue throughout the year meeting at 9:15 am at Bicycle Village and leaving at 9:30 am. In case of bad weather they offer a indoor spin class at the YMCA next door meeting at Bicycle Village at 10:30 am. The time is getting short on outdoor evening rides so take advantage of this

We now have a tab for our Local Advocacy Updates which you can find on the website by going to (http://bouldercyclingclub.com/?page_id=631)  A big thank you to Jim for heading that up and the club looks forward to updates on what’s going on in the local cycling community.
Our thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Sue. She is on the road to recovery and we all wish her the best.
It brings up the point that we stress as a club to always be SAFE and cautious out there on the road.

Here’s to great riding weather in September!