Things Cyclists Think About When Not Riding With the BCC

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Any BCC member will tell you they ride more and longer and have more fun since they joined the Club.  When you’re not on a fun, social, planned, supported, no-drop ride with a great group of BCC members, you have way too much time to think.  Below are some entries from an actual road biking blog thread about what poor lonely riders find themselves thinking about.  There is a lot of thought put into the clearing out of the nose, but we will spare you those details.  Suffice it to say that any lonely road biker can give you some great snot management advice.  Some enjoy mooing at herds of cattle.  This is not thinking, but it does seem to pass for entertainment with the lone ranger set.

“After a long ride and the headwinds start pushing, I can often go for 20 miles repeating the mantra “Why am I doing this?”  “Why am I doing this?”  “Why am I doing this?”  “Why am I doing this?”

“Life’s little annoyances will bounce in and out of my head.”

“OK, that’s 0.1 miles down. How much farther do I really need to go?”

“Where the heck am I, and where is that banjo music coming from?????”

“Will I really need to cut the grass when I get home, or can it wait until tomorrow?”

“Is there really a picture of a bike rider in the dictionary next to the definition of ‘masochist?’”

“Does my head look big in this helmet?”

“Can I outrun that guy on the $57,000 road bike up ahead?”

“Does my ass look big in this spandex?”

“Who the F&^5 maintains this road (Or who ISN’T maintaining this road).  If I see one more F&^% pothole!!!”

“How much further does this hill go on? What do you mean that’s my lowest gear?”

“Parody lyrics to popular songs like, ‘She Thinks My Bike Is Sexy’.

“Once I was attacked by a large bird and thought it would have made a good bumper sticker: Honk if you’ve hit a goose!”

“I also worry about road kill and a car coming along at that very moment and running it over next to me, squirting road kill juice on me.”

“Should I see a doctor about that pain in my right knee?”

“Dang, dropped again.”

“I should fix that before it gets worse.”

“Usually I try to arrange to ride with other people so I can have normal conversations that keep me from coming up with these things that have others wondering what the powder is I’m adding to my drinks.”[This person and anyone else who wants to have more fun riding should go to the BCC member sign up page!