A North Boulder Bike to Work Day Experience!

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I participated in the Bike to Work Day festivities yesterday even though I work from home most mornings and being in real estate makes it very tough to be a cycling commuter due to the nature of the business. So to show my support I rode down to N Boulder’s version of Cycling Mecca, Amantes Coffee Shop and Boulder Cycle Sports Bike Shop. Large groups of cyclists were gathering for dally rides (these were not commuters but recreational based cyclists) and Amantes was packed to the walls with spectators hanging on to every motion on the tv screen as the US was playing in the World Cup in a do or die competition. I proceeded to the breakfast station where Brandon and his employees were serving up various type of fresh grilled pancakes. I opted for the blueberry ones and added some maple syrup. What a wonderful scene and it was hard to go back to the “office” and get some work done! Truly a memorial Boulder moment in time!!!
– Donald Cicchillo, BCC President