2010 Kids Holiday Bike Give-Away

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Nothing is better than seeing a kid get his or her first bike!

You can help make that happen for needy families in Boulder this Christmas.

Every year in December, Community Cycles hosts a Kid’s Holiday Bike Give-away. This year is the 5th year, making it Community Cycles’ oldest on-going event.

December 19th
Boulder Indoor Cycling
3550 Frontier Avenue
9a.m. – 1p.m.

The Kids’ Holiday Bike Giveaway is simple- all year Community Cycles takes in donated kids ’ bikes and puts them in a storage space. Starting in early December, we host “work nights” and volunteer mechanics work to get the kids’ bikes ride ready. When the day comes, we move the bikes over to Indoor Cycling. Meanwhile, Community Cycles has been reaching out to the community in December to let needy families know that they can come get a free bike for their kids for the holidays.