Cycling Safety Statistics

Experienced bicyclists have an accident rate only 20 percent that of casual bicyclists. Bicyclists can prevent most accidents by knowing how to control their bicycles and by riding according to the established rules of the road. Ride to be visible and predictable. Give other drivers time to notice you and react to you.

Common Cycling Accidents

50% are falls
20% are collisions with cars
18% are collisions with other bicyclists
8% are collisions with dogs

Most Common Motor Vehicle/Bicycle Crashes Involving Adults:

– Motorist turns left into oncoming bicyclist heading
straight in opposite direction
– Motorist turns right into bicyclist heading straight in the
same direction
– Motorist drives out from driveway or through stop sign

Cyclists frequently cause accidents when they:

– turn out from the curb lane without looking back

– collide due to failure to maintain a safe following distance

– fail to stop at a traffic stop or light

Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although only 20 percent of bicycle accidents involve motor vehicles, these are often the most serious. More than half of these occur at intersections. Of all car-bike collisions, more than 25 percent involve a bicyclist riding the wrong way, a very dangerous behavior.


Head injuries account for 75% of all deaths and permanent disabilities in bicycle accidents.