Ride around the Res and catching the Cyclocross Race

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Heading out of Gunbarrel on a blustery yet warm early November day we headed for the Res to check out the Cyclocross races. The Res was shimmering in the sun as we road around to the race area.

The race course includes grassy twisting tight turns, sand pits, elevated obstacles just to name a few of the challenges of this type of racing. Talk about a brutally hard way to ride a bike! It was amazing to me to see so many people out checking out the races. It is very exciting and as I road away to continue our own bike ride I felt a bit in awe of the racers.

The Flat tire-ites pressed on circling the Res. We headed north from the Res out into the pastoral setting of Boulder County. Riding past Haystack Mtn is still one of my favorite rides and as the wind died down and the temperature rose it felt more like late summer then November. So we got in a good ride, saw some very impressive racing, and got to enjoy a beautiful Colorado day!

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