South Boulder Loop

Meeting downtown Boulder outside of the Lazy Dog Saloon, (one of the best sports bars in downtown), watching the people traffic wander by grateful for another beautiful day in Boulder for bike riding. Heading down to the Boulder Creek Trail (a combination of biking, walking, roller blading, and joggers all utilizing this great trail system) you have to be cautious because it can get rather crowded especially close to the downtown area. Meandering out along the creek, winding under overpasses, this paved trail heads east past the University of Colorado football practice field. The University campus is just up the hill to the south of the trail. Often you’ll see people fly fishing in the creek and during the hot summer months tubing down the creek is a very popular way to cool off. The trail heads east following the creek and crossing over with several bridges the crowds fall away and soon the path opens up and it becomes more relaxed riding.

After a few miles the path turns south and soon the mountain views to the west appear and you realize that you are looking at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Off in the distance you can see the almost year round snow covered Indian Peak Range which tower over 13,000 feet. This part of the path soon opens up into a pastoral setting with some of the best views of the close in front range mountains. This flat trail is an easy ride and the scenery is quite spectacular.

The path ends in South Boulder where a frontage road heads east back toward Boulder and is very bike friendly. Heading up a short hill climb the Table Mesa Shopping area comes up on the west. Crossing under Broadway Street through an underpass underneath the street (Boulder might have more underpasses for pedestrian travel under busy streets then anytown I’ve ever been to in the US). Several optons for a refreshing break can be had in this shopping area. Whether it’s a cone of gelato or espresso at Cafe Sole or a microbrew at Southern Sun Brewpub, it’s a great place to catch your breath and take a break.

Heading back to downtown taking the South Boulder pathway you wind through the University of Colorado (all downhill) until you reach the Boulder Creek path and heading west cruise on back downtown. Boulder has unlimited options for your eating enjoyment on the Pearl Street Mall and after this 15 mile cycling loop you can shamelessly enjoy an indulgence or two.

Donald (Nov 07)

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